We will become a leader in the commercial satellite business through safety and profitability secured through blockchain.


It is a compound word of “satellite” and “star,” which means to become like a star, which is in the spotlight in the satellite market. We aim to secure market dominance in the commercial satellite market through high-quality technology and business model, as well as communication security and data exchange transparency through the introduction of blockchain.


This is the goal that Satellite Star is aiming for. It is a compound word of “satellite” and “star,” which means to become like a star, which is in the spotlight in the satellite market.

These are the specific goals of Satellite Star.

•Operational safety of projectiles through blockchain

•Preemption of satellite communication rights through commercial satellite orbiting

•Stable and high profitability through securing relay rights for global sports and broadcasting

•Production of a higher level satellite launch vehicle through accumulated capital and technology


SatelStar Blockchain Systems

The transparency and integrity of blockchain raises the level of technology. It is introduced into satellite technology and shows its true value.

ERC20 has been introduced with proven safety, cost-effectiveness and transparency through billions of transactions so far. The space industry does not tolerate even the slightest error.

Through Satellite Star's blockchain that implements data consistency, security, and integrity, accurate satellite broadcasting and space orbit operation are realized.


Platform Participants

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  • satellite research and development institute

    We develop technologies, new materials, and algorithms developed with the engineering colleges owned by satellite research institutes in the United States, and distribute the profits.

  • satellite broadcasting company

    This is where the biggest revenue stream will come from. By significantly lowering the cost of satellite transmission, we are preparing for satellite transmission contracts with 30 broadcasting/sports organizations in more than 12 countries within a short period of time after launch.

  • Individuals participating in satellite business

    SatelStar Coin holders will be recognized for their shares in patent rights and core technology transfer royalties acquired during the satellite outsourcing development process, and will be provided with equity income for future technology transfer profits.

Coin Distribution and Usage Plan

  • coin sales 15%
  • satellite development 15%
  • Rocket development 20%
  • Blockchain development 15%
  • satellite launching & maintenance 25%
  • Team 10%
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  • Symbol :
  • Protocol :
  • Total Supply :



  • Q3

    SatelStar established

  • Q4

    Satellite Operation algorithm developed


  • Q1

    SatelStar platform and wallet development start

  • Q2

    Satellite manufacturing new material development

  • Q3

    Global Top Exchange Listing and Wallet Launch

  • Q4

    Broadcasting Rights Negotiation


  • Q1

    Listing on top exchanges in Asia and U.S.

  • Q2

    Platform type wallet launched

  • Q3

    SatelStar satellite launch schedule confirmed

  • Q4

    SatelStar platform upgrade

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